About Philip Henkin

In Brandon, Florida, and Ruskin, Florida, Henken Neurosurgery AP has two facilities. Brandon Regional Hospital, South Bay Hospital, South Florida Baptist Hospital, HCA Florida Brandon Hospital, St. Vincent's Medical Center, and Doctors Hospital of Sarasota are just a few of the facilities with which he is affiliated.

The fact that Dr. Henkin avoids fad operations in favor of evidence-based, results-driven care decisions is noteworthy. Furthermore, in a state with such a large population of retirees, Dr. Henkin's clinic accepts the Medicare reimbursement amount as full payment.

Although this strategy cannot be used to treat every condition, for those that can, MISS can greatly minimize the patient's risk and recovery time. Herniated discs, infection in the spine, narrowing of the spinal canal (spinal stenosis), scoliosis, removal of a tumor in the spine, and other disorders may be candidates for MIS. Stability of the spine Fractured vertebra, Spondylolysis (defect in a section of the lower vertebrae).

MISS makes far smaller incisions, reducing damage to adjacent muscles and tissues. A tube-shaped device moves tissues aside more softly to allow the surgeon to work. By choosing MISS, you can reduce your risk of infection, hemorrhage, scarring, hospital stays, and improve your patient's functional capacity. Real-time, microscopic imaging, as well as surgical robotics, may be used. Dr. Henkin is a Mazor X Robotic System and Computer Image Guidance Technologies certified professional.